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Bessie Chappell

Bessie Chappell, eldest daughter of Jesse Ezra's brother Charlie. The child's relationship, if any, is unknown, as is the identity of whoever owns the arm in the upper left. As of 1930 Bessie had been married to one Mr. G. Boulton for ten years, and was living at Yate, near Bristol with her husband and three boys. As of October, 1931, however, she was staying with Jesse's mother, Charlotte, who was by that time blind and somewhat invalid; and one of Bessie's children had died.

We have an April 1930 letter and an August 1930 letter, that Bessie wrote to Jesse.

These are two of Bessie's children, names unknown. Our second cousin, Shirley Lewis, wrote to me: "Aunt Bess must have been a very remarkable woman. She also had a daughter killed cycling to work at only 21 years. Her name was Shirley, who I was named after. Bess was widowed young too, she married a second time and had another son named Terrance. She certainly had more than her share of heartache."